Herb Alpert – Best Classic Bands Interview!

Best Classic Bands Interview!

October 28, 2021

Best Classic Bands: You’re incredibly busy for a guy who could have retired years ago.
Herb Alpert:
 I’m a right-brain guy. I paint and I sculpt and I make music and my new album just came out. I have about 23 songs I’ve been working on for another album. I’m ahead of myself.

For somebody who’s accustomed to working in recording studios with other musicians present, how did you adjust to recording remotely during the pandemic?
Zeros and ones [digital recording] have changed recording. Unfortunately, we had to do it this way. You send material to various musicians, friends that I like to play with, and everything is time-coded. So, they can send me a track, and I can put a trumpet on it if I happen to like it, and I’ll send just the trumpet back to them, and they could put it back into their unit. You just kinda make music that way, which is not ideal, but it works. And if you do it with love and care, it almost feels like you’re fooling mother nature. It feels like it all happened at the same time.

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