Herb Alpert – Variety Exclusive “Herb Alpert Is…”

Variety Exclusive “Herb Alpert Is…”

August 17, 2020

“You see your whole life flash in front of you in an hour and some minutes, and then it’s like, wow, did all that really happen? Because I always felt I’m in somewhat of a dream to begin with,” says Herb Alpert, subject of a new documentary about his life from director John Scheinfeld (“Chasing Trane,” “Who Is Harry Nilsson”). It’s a dream that now has a release date: “Herb Alpert Is…” is hitting theaters and VOD on Oct. 1.

The doc will be the rare movie with a three-CD soundtrack, of sorts. It’s being announced today that Oct. 2 will see the release of a box set commemorating Alpert’s career, also titled “Herb Alpert Is…” The collection is not officially a soundtrack, as only a portion of its 63 tracks appear in the movie, but it fills a larger need as the first large-scale set celebrating the entirety of the legendary trumpeter’s nearly six-decade catalog.